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    Savage 3 piece clutch conversion

    Put some shims (washers) between the clutch bell and the flywheel nut.
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    savage 4.6

    Don't adjust the transmission until after you tune. Not sure which version of the savage you have, but I'll assume you have a 3 speed transmission. Here is the manual for it. You might have to turn the gears a bit to see the set screws.
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    Activity on HPI website

    There have been a handful of "new" releases broadcasted lately. Sadly they just look like slightly updated versions of existed stuff. On the plus side, atleast something is going on there.
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    Savage X got a new life.

    Good looking build. I actually like the orange lid, kind of reminds me of the orange HPI used to use on anodized parts.
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    Settings for this pipe

    I've got a Buku on my savage, it's a nice pipe. Sadly the site has said temporarily unavailable for quite some time.
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    Seems HPI is finally releasing a "new" Savage. It is a XL Flux, but I am struggling to find anything new about it, save for the body.
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    Sway bar set and parts

    Looks like HPI sells the mount set separately HERE. Full sway bar set HERE. And here is a picture showing the central mounting.
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    Clutch bell screw coming loose

    This may seem like a silly question, but are you using blue loctite on the clutch bell screw?
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    Racing Savage build

    Welcome @Pines! Looking forward to the build process. FYI, your engine mount is backwards. ;) :D
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    Different wheel sizes

    If the savage 25 is stock it has 14mm hex. If you upgrade to 17mm, like the newer Savages have, you will have a much better selection of wheels.
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    LRP.30 or .32 for my Savage X

    Have you tried pre-heating the engine up to operating temp before attempting to start it? LRPs have been notorious for tight pinch when new. Just hit it with a hair dryer for several minutes.
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    New ramp design

    I was bored at work, so I went looking. I found a thread where you reference and link to your build thread, but sadly that link goes no where. Perhaps @WoodiE can work his forum magic and pull it out of whatever black hole it fell into? I keep meaning to build another ramp as my old one is...
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    Is the savage flux hp discontinued?

    Yes, the current model is the XL Flux. That being said, the parts are compatible between those models and you can either order many by way of that, or upgrade where appropriate.
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    Braking system

    No need to take the transmission apart. The piston is put in from the outside of the transmission case. If you look under the caliper brackets on the transmission case you will see a hole for it. You need to remove the brake discs/ caliper brackets to get at it. I've done it without removing...
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    Braking system

    The brass piston is part of the brake cam kit. The XL part number is 86930, but I'm not finding stock of that. The savage X part number is 86092, only difference is the cam is a different color, piston is the same. I find the X part number all over ebay.