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    Best Wedding

    Hey guys...... have you seen what happened after 6 months... "the Divorce"
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    editing vids

    hey nitromite, try this Its very easy, fast, user friendly and free. Converts most video formats
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    Baja Bug

    Whooo... another nice looking baja bug:cheers::cheers::cheers:. Is that a tint in the window or you also painted it black? anyone else wants to show off their bug? hehehe
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    Baja Bug

    hi maximusraylius..I didn't bother to put the wing/fin. I found out that it will be hard to put the pin for the body if its installed. and it will not last long during bashing and roll overs ... thanks for the reply guys.
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    Baja Bug

    here's my savvage x with a new body during a vacation break... thanks. more photos Some bashing video at the beach and sand dunes....
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    servo ?

    you can always use it as spare if one of your servo breaks, its better than nothing.......So just to keep the fun going, . It just happened to me drove 10hrs for a vacation, played with the savage on the 1st day.... hit a small tree stump hidden in the grass at full speed. Game...
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    an innocent mind

    Just imagine if that was the DAD! :duh::lmao3:
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    should i go to a pull start?

    I'm also considering pull start for my next engine. The shaft in the crank that holds the conrod snapped and blew a hole under the engine case. I think the rotostart puts stress on that small part. what you think?
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    Proline Baja (VW) Body

    Good news VW Bug lovers. The BAJA is back! now with VW license. Laughing They say it will be out mid March. Cant wait to get my hands on it. Laughing Laughing Laughing
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    engine head gasket

    Are you sure that the F has 3 shims? mine has 4..........?
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    NEW timing wheel

    much better! thanks!
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    NEW timing wheel

    hope this helps (FREE DEGREE WHEEL)
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    Crash's HPI F4.6 engine mod

    Ok. thanks for the quick reply. I think i would use your 10 deg. as a baseline and see how long my crank open up its duration before cutting. i don't want to mess up my cam degree wheel so I think i'll just PRINT a new one and compare the two for accuracy. it does not show the whole 360 deg...
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    Crash's HPI F4.6 engine mod

    Hi crash. I was looking at the pics on your crank mod. did you change the timing of the crank? I'm not so sure if the shaded red part of your picture was only on top or it was also shaded on the side of the crank to change the timing. A bug bit me and found my self holding a dremel and the crank...